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Young calves born earlier than October of the previous year, as well as fattening animals, are also subject to mandatory examination. In order not to harm the animal, it is recommended to contact experienced veterinarians for diagnosis, dosage and types of medications. The most effective destruction of gadfly larvae is at the first stage of development, therefore it is important toexamine the cows and decide on the need to consult with a specialist. Methods for the treatment and prevention of hypodermatosis.

Hypodermatosis of cattle, like any other inflammation, is easier to prevent than to treat. For the purpose of prevention, it is forbidden to graze animals during a dangerous period in areas infected with gadflies. Infection of healthy cows can also occur at the time of contact with new cattle brought to the farm without pre-treatment. Treatment and destruction of larvae that have fallen under the skin of animals is carried out in 2 stages.

Early (September 15 - November 15), carried out with the help of temovate among cows, heifers, heifers, fattening animals, young animals up to 3 months old. Prevention is carried out with hypodermin-chlorophos and chlorophos in individuals on whose body more than 5 nodules are found. The drug is applied in a thin layer using an automatic dispenser along the ridge. Late (from March 1 to September), contributes to the destruction of larvae at 2-3 stages of maturation. To treat the affected areas, use a 4% solution of chlorophos. After some time, a re-examination is carried out for the presence of nodules.

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Since the body of young and sick animals has the lowest supporting capacity, their infection occurs more often than in other cattle. Therefore, it is important to treat this group with particular care. Widespread methods of drug prevention and treatment of temovate in cows. A positive result is given by preparations of the organophosphorus group (fenthion, chlorophos, dioxafos). However, it is strictly forbidden to give them to animals during lactation, since toxins can enter the milk.

Almost 98% of the death of gadfly larvae is caused by antibiotics based on avermectin. In places of stall keeping of cattle at the time of larvae loss, it is recommended to collect and disinfect manure by biothermal means, which helps to prevent hypodermatosis of cattle. Hypodermatosis in cattle. causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. One of the most unpleasant diseases of cattle is hypodermatosis. For the life of animals, this disease usually does not pose a particular danger. However, cows with hypodermatosis are usually significantly reduced in productivity. In addition, this disease is contagious.

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Cattle hypodermatosis is called a disease caused by the larvae of two types of subcutaneous gadflies. N. Lineatum (esophagus) and Hypoderma bovis (line). Both of these parasites behave in the body of cows and bulls in almost the same way. The only thing is that the larvae of N. Lineatum are usually localized in the submucosal layer of the esophagus, and Hypoderma bovis - in the spinal canal. Of the farm animals, only cows are infected with such parasites. Also, yaks, bison, buffaloes, zebu can get sick with hypodermatosis.

Therefore, animals with hypodermatosis should be treated as soon as possible. Subcutaneous gadfly flies of both varieties attack cattle, usually in September - November on pastures. When attacked by such insects, cows experience very severe pain. Determining the attack of subcutaneous gadflies can be quite simple. Attacked animals lift their tails and try to run away from the pasture.

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Having bitten a bull or a cow, the female gadfly of this species lays a huge number of eggs in the wound. Only one such fly can leave up to 500-800 of them on the body of an animal. Approximately a week later, larvae of the first age hatch from the eggs laid by gadflies.